Thom’s Second Post!

Hello again friends!

I’ve had two more classes between postings, and I’m SO SO happy with class!!  I have a permanent grin all through class!

Wednesday was custards!!!  It’s AMAZING (to me) knowing the spectrum of Creme Caramel-Pot de Creme-Creme Brulee!  (shh – here’s  the secret…it’s all about milk v. heavy cream and whole eggs v. yolks!)  Since I’m not that much of a fan and it seemed the best challenge for me, I chose to make the Creme Caramel (Flan) – not bad results:

Then yesterday, Saturday – our first full, eight-hour day – Pastry Cream and Pate a Choux.  For those who don’t know, Pate a Choux is the AWESOME batter for Cream Puffs, Eclaires, etc.  Here’s what we made:

Cream Puffs, Éclairs and Swans, Oh My!!! Who doesn’t love these!  I brought one home to Mike, and he actually said “you made this” – YUP, that good (welcome to my ego!!! LOL!)
Paris Brest A pastry made to resemble a bicycle tire…why? It was created in 1891 to commemorate a bicycle race between Paris and Brest.
Classic Gougeres A savory pastry from Choux, and QUITE tasty!
And…The BLURRY close-ups (hopefully I’ll have a better photo for next posting):

Class is an incredible experience.  The way we all work together even though our projects are our own…and how we get each other’s advise and suggestions.  What a GREAT bunch of folks!

Here’s a new segment I’m starting – “TRY THIS AT HOME” – I’ll post my practice baking pictures as well as creations on here with reviews from whomever tastes – I’ll post the Good, Bad and Ugly!  I’m still learning how to make this blog (I want this as an insert section), so I’ll just post regular for now.  Here’s my home Flans as well as a mini-cake I made for Mike:

Most of you that know me know how much I LOVE music.  You know that saying that is even an understatement.  Of course when I bake at home I listen to music.  I’m kind of a Rock-N-Roll Baker!  Starting next blog I plan on posting a “Baking Music” section, hopefully with songs to listen to and links to listen more or buy!  Again, I have a vision on how I want it and have to see if I can within the blog format.  You’ll of course get my music reviews as well – I’m going to incorporate my “always wanted to do it” music blog into this one – more reason to come back, and more reason to comment.

With this little bit for post #2 (and a lot of blog-creation research to follow up), I wish you all wonderful days full of happiness, peace and BAKING!

SMOOTCH (from shugerlips – again pending!)



One response to “Thom’s Second Post!

  1. Profiteroles! My favorite use of choux pastry 🙂 These look awesome, Tom! When’s the free tasting again?? (Heh heh…)

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