Monday October 4th…

Hi all!

I just finished class, and tonight was SOUFFLES!!  No pictures from tonight, it was a hectic one and souffles flatten quickly.  A goat cheese and herb souffle and a chocolate-peppermint souffle.  Can’t wait to make the latter for Christmas Dinner!  I’m also glad to learn more about souffles so I can perfect the Commander’s Palace Bread Pudding Souffle with Whiskey Sauce…(I know it rocks now, Angelique, but wait until I get my new techniques behind it!!!  You get first taste!)

The fun challenge of the evening…make creme anglaise in 15 minutes…I didn’t quite make it, but that was also because I hadn’t finished my chocolate souffle yet…but it’s all good!

I do have a new item for “Try This At Home”:

Looks good, huh?  I REALLY enjoy making eclaires and cream puffs and swans (oh my!)…  I know I annoyed Mike because for the past three days I wouldn’t stop saying “pate a choux” (pronounced pot-a-shoo).  It just sounds so cool and French to say…

On a totally separate note, I had a musing I would like to share with you:  

While eating my Bertoli four-cheese mini-ravioli with marinara sauce, I’m nostalgically taken back to my days living in New York.  Mom would always send me Spaghetti-O’s because it was my favorite!  With my refined, “urban” palate is it scary that Bertoli is the “urban” Chef Boyardee??

Wednesday night – MERINGUES!

Until next time, Happy Dreams and Sweet Thoughts!

SMOOTCH!  (from shugerlips!)



One response to “Monday October 4th…

  1. Love it, love it…and LOVE the pending name “shugerlips”….Christianna thought shugrlips or sugerrlips was fun too!

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