10/06/10 – Meringues!

Happy happy friends!

Tonight was such a GREAT night…meringues AND I learned to take my pictures from school with a flash!  (you’ll see it didn’t start until the second half of class…).

We started with making a Swiss meringue (there’s also French, which we made for the souffles on Monday, and Italien…which we didn’t make because it’s too cumbersome unless you’re making meringue for an army…).  Easy enough…whip sugar and egg whites together on a double boiler then the Kitchen Aid!  (Thanks Mike for the Professional mixer, thanks Mom and Pop for the red-hot red mixer – I brought both to school so we would have enough for the class…and not a bad workout carrying both to and from school – not even a whole block!)…..

We piped the meringue into shapes (was MUCH better with the “shell” shape used for this and the swans from “eclairs, cream puffs and swans oh my!” night…).  I didn’t take a picture of the other shapes I made, but here’s how the cookies came out…note the nice, not AS brown picture…that’s because while we made the meringue first of the evening, it takes a LOT of oven time so we had to get it in ASAP, and let us stay in until after the souffle:

Second tonight was the Raspberry Souffle (because we didn’t get to make it on Monday…) – this one was fun and adventurous.  French meringue is usually used for this, but given we made the Swiss meringue we tested it with both.  Here’s the results (yes, this was the picture without flash, so it’s sepia toned…)


The ones on the left are made from Swiss meringue, the ones on the right from French.  The Swiss came out with a silky luster, the French more traditional.  Also, the texture for Swiss was smoother.  Some in class (like me) enjoyed the Swiss more than the French (only here folks, J’adore tout le monde!).

So, here’s where I finally figured out taking a picture from school – have a look at how wonderful it looks after you take your first  bite from the Raspberry Souffle (of course it wasn’t dressed up for plating…):

By the way, that’s also how beautifully pink they should have looked in the brown picture above it…

It’s late, so I’ll leave it here for now…but be on the lookout after the weekend – the “Try This At Home” section will be EXTENDED, EXPANDED since there’s no class on Saturday (SLEEP IN YIPPIE!!!!) I’ll be baking all day for guests on Sunday – BLUE ANGELS BABY!!!

Happy Thoughts and Sweet Dreams!



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