The Blue Angels Party

Hello friends!

It’s been a week, but what a week!  I’ll catch up on the school week later, but for now I want to catch you up on a FUN day – Fleet Week in SF and our annual Blue Angels get-together. 

We had basically the same cast of characters as last year, but an addition of Jindra’s pop from Czech-Republic.  We had a Baker’s Dozen here (pun intended!).  Lots of beer and champaign and juice for three five-year-olds!    Everyone remembered last year when we watched the jets fly into clouds and fog (like Fourth of July here!).  Not this year, no!  The weather was IMPECCABLE!

Mike and I had a great spread:  Fruit, Cheese & Crackers, Mike’s Famous Shrimp, Cream Puffs, Elcaires, Classic Gougeres, Paris Brest, and a Goat Cheese Souffle that didn’t last 10 mintes!


The pastries sound familiar?  They are all items I have learned in class.  I was really excited to make the Paris Brest in honor of Jindra’s father, who owns a bicycle shop, and Franck since it’s from France.  Here’s a pic of me making the cream puffs:

While I know sometimes friends say they like your cooking to be nice, some of these folks who were there I know would NOT do that – they would tell me if they didn’t like…and I’ll take the compliments they were giving!  THANK YOU CHEF!  My Pastry School instructor is the BEST!!!

I was SO glad to have all food done before the Blue Angels started.  I got to relax a bit after that…however, unbeknownst to me, my best friend was ensuring my champagne cup was never empty (I thought I wasn’t drinking that much while baking…)  THANKS ANGELIQUE!  Je t’adore!!!!

We called everyone into the kitchen when the Blue Angels started.  What a GREAT show!!!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get good pictures, but others did!

And, to cap the day, I’ve always been told the sign of a good party is when the guests pass out (looks like a typical Thanksgiving, huh?):

Thank you all who came over – we really enjoyed your company!

And thank you all for your continued support and for reading this blog!  (AND special thanks to Angelique for the photos!)




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